D.O.B. April 2018.




We’ve had Molly and Monty for 2 months now and that time has really flown. Both have settled in well. Monty is a real love bug, always seeking head and ear rubs. Molly, being the more nervous cat, is still wary of any physical interaction with us but now greets us alongside Monty when it’s time for food! We’re sure in time that she’ll become a friendly cat too. They’re both loving their new cat tree ……. an early Christmas present, which Monty now sleeps on, especially in the top box.

Molly is quite a shy girl. She will accept a fuss but she does not seek it so she will need a patient adopter, someone who is willing to let Molly come to She’s great around other cats and would probably be best in a home that already has a cat or two. She has shared a shelter with small dogs. Gabriel is a lovely, friendly lad of just over 1 year old. We have no background information because he was simply found abandoned as a kitten outside the shelter. He likes being around the other cats. He is neutered.them.

MOLLY – Adopted with MONTY (Gabriel)
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