Lupy arrived with us on the 31st January. He set out on his epic journey 4 days before and the transport people were amazing with all the pets. It was so much fun being part of the group chat with lots of us waiting for pets. We were asking a lot of Lupy before he even arrived. We have two young kids, two cats and a little dog already. As he got off the bus I wondered what he would be like. The first few days and nights were quite hard. The advice was to let him settle with plenty of rest which we did. He was very accommodating though and he let us bath him twice in the first week. He is quite an energetic and eager boy so we started working with him in the next week. Gradually teaching him the command leave as we placed food down, initially I had to cover it with my foot, but he soon learnt. Then we had to teach him sit which was harder as he didn’t even go into a sit and wouldn’t let us help him into position. Once he realised what we wanted he started doing it automatically when hearing his food coming or if we carry a treat. He has been a real joy; he is good to walk having learnt to walk on a lead/harness very quickly, we already have shared him with the neighbours who will take him off to the woods. Next on our list is to test his recall with the help of a long training lead. The kids have a lot of patience with him and in return he is gentle back. At the moment he doeswant to steal all the food so he stays in a separate area of the house at our dinner times to avoid any thefts!He loves playing too, and will chase a toy although doesn’t understand what to do with a tennis ball once he’s got it!. We absolutely love the character he is becoming. We have been very lucky andare all so grateful he is now part of our family. Stray2Me have been absolutely wonderful from the moment of our first enquiry right through the adoption and into our new life with Lupy, we can not thank all of their volunteers enough



D.O.B. Approx 2016





LUPY – Adopted UK