Peanut has been with me for over a week now and every day brings a new joy. He arrived on a dark Sunday night in December after a long, long journey for him and a day of almost unbearable anticipation for me. Thanks to the team at Stray2Me, I was well prepared for what to expect – or not to expect of him – on his arrival and during our first days together. I couldn’t wait to meet my new doggy companion but I did also wonder how well and how soon he’d settle into my home. As a first-time dog owner, I knew that this would be a learning curve for both of us. Nine days on, Peanut loves nothing better than to lie on the rug with the sun streaming through the windows, waving all four paws in the air and enjoying a fuss and a brush. He has met friends and neighbours out in the garden and charmed them all. He’s learnt how to go upstairs and get down again and been ridiculously pleased with himself. Yesterday, we had our first walk in the park and he said a friendly hello to some other local dogs while I chatted to their owners. We both came home ridiculously pleased with ourselves! We’ve visited the park again this morning, with our friends and their rescue dog, and Peanut is now happily tired. To all at Stray2Me, I can’t thank you enough for the care and attention you put into finding the right dog for me and for being there to advise me on how to help him settle into his new life. Peanut and I have so much to look forward to – because of all of you!



D.O.B. Approx 2016





PEANUT – Adopted – UK
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