D.O.B. July 2020.




Little Tina landed one week ago, and don’t we know it. She is everything as described by Stray2me and much more. We expected a shy and reserved cat, not a lap cat but feisty and energetic once settled however since arriving she has been very much a part of the family. Tina loves to play with our children, and she loves to play fetch with her ball, football and play with her mouse. When Tina is tired, she comes and sits on my knee and goes to sleep and if I am busy she will go and hide. If I am on the phone she knocks it out of my hand. Tina is an attention seeker. Tina is a very loving kitten and fits in very well with our family, we have been matched perfectly. Stray2me’s adoption process is thorough and they keep you in the loop and give updates on your cat, the animals welfare is their priority.  We would definitely recommend Stray2me.

Little Tina – Adopted UK