Bilu was rescued in 2018. He went up to Andreea in the parking lot at her apartment on Dec 6th, 2018. He was very gentle, and he just jumped up to kiss her right away. He had a wound in his head and it is believed his ex owner hit his head with something to try to kill him. Sadly it is a common practice Romania. He had a huge old rope around his neck. He was very gentle but scared ….but immediately trusted Andreea. They have cared for him since and he has had an operation on his skulp where he was hit. There is no lasting damage.

He’s approximately 9 years old and a large dog, especially when he has his winter coat. But he’s a gentle giant, who is totally bonded with Lucy and so we are looking for a home for them together, somewhere where they can live out their lives in comfort, away from the harshness of the shelter.



D.O.B. Approximately 2012

38 kg




BILU (for adoption with Lucy. Bonded pair)
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