How did you decide that adoption was the right way to go for you?

David and I had sadly lost our adopted Bosnian girl a year before we decided we would really like another international rescue. We had adopted dogs and cats for many years, mostly from this country, and usually older ones, middle aged dogs and elderly cats.

We knew we couldn’t adopt via our previous charity choice because it only rehomed in Norfolk and we were now in Dorset. We looked on FB and found Stray2Me. Browsing through the info, I spotted the sweetest face of Arlo (Prince), showed David, and we were hooked. We had always had larger dogs, usually GSDs or GSD crosses so he looked almost familiar immediately ????.

The adoption process was straightforward, with the friendly assistance and advice from the group much appreciated.

What was it like the first moment you met your rescue?

Our excitement on the day Arlo was to arrive was immense. Poor boy appeared afraid to leave his cage in the vehicle but when we finally got to cuddle him it was amazing and I felt choked up with happy tears.

How was the settling in process?

His “settling in” process was far easier than anticipated. He appeared to make himself at home very quickly. He is such a sunny natured laid back boy and so easy to love. We had no problems at all with any aspect of his settling in and feel very lucky.

How is life for your rescue now?

Arlo loves his walks, his sleep, his food, other dogs, most people he meets and us of course. The only issue we have had is our vet’s advice he needs to lose weight. We are working on that although progress is slow despite a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

He has sweet “habits”, e.g. playing with canine friends but regularly running back to us to lick our hands ????. He also does small skips when he is excited. His tail wags the whole time we are out. He enjoys walks plus lunch with our dog social group plus his regular haunts where he meets familiar dogs and people.

Any advice for others considering to adopt a Romanian rescue?

We would certainly always recommend adopting adult dogs and our experience with a previous dog from Bosnia and now Arlo from Romania has been positive and most rewarding.

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