We are a small group of animal lovers based in the UK, most of whom have adopted dogs from Romania. We support a number of different rescuers, primarily from the Constanta area and in and around Bucharest. Our rescuers save dogs from the streets, before the brutal dog catchers get them, or sometimes from the kill shelters. They save both dogs and cats. The Strays are then placed in safe shelters, for which we help to raise foster funds, money for food and money for veterinary treatment, as well as paying all prep costs for them to travel to the UK. Our aim is to find loving 4ever homes for all the Strays we help, so we take you through a rigorous adoption process and, if you are successful, we guarantee rescue back up. You can rest assured you will always be able to get support and advice.

Tina Collyer-Cook

Tina Collyer lives near the sea with her 2 Rommie dogs, both rescued by Gabriela, and her cat from the RSPCA. She has been adopting rescues for almost 30 years, although only became aware of the plight of animals in Romania in 2018 when she adopted her first Rommie, Elsie. Sunny followed 6 months later.

Geo Cava

Geo Cava originates from Constanta but is now living in the UK. She has an insider’s knowledge of the plight of animals in Romania and rescued her first Rommie, Ben, a puppy who had been hit by a car and whose leg was broken as a result. She and her hubby found him the necessary veterinary help and he’s now living the good life in the UK, although he’s a bit unsure of her cats!

Mauro Orru

Mauro Orru lives in South East England with his 7 Rescue Rommie dogs. He started slowly, with Liza, followed by Loki, and then by Lana, who had been run over as a puppy. He saw her story on our Facebook page, and, unable to ignore an animal in need, he adopted her. She loves her life with her ‘siblings’. Mauro has since gone on to adopt another 4 dogs, Lucy, Lexi, Miki and Piki. All are very lucky puppies.

Paul is a semi-retired nurse living in Somerset with his wife and 5 terrier sized rescue dogs, 3 Romanian and 2 from the UK. They enjoy caravan jaunts in the UK and gardening, both of which involves the pack!

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