Hi. We’d love to introduce you to some of our Strays. Many of them are simply waiting to find their perfect homes but some, as you will see, may need to stay with us a while longer.

We moved the Strays to a safe shelter in January 2019. Some Strays have a kennel to themselves, while others share or are in family groups. The family group kennels are twice the size of the individual kennels. At the back of each kennel is an ‘internal kennel’, a sheltered area where dogs can curl up snug in straw and be well back from the elements. They can also choose to sit up high! In the winter there is plenty of OSB boarding to try and minimise their exposure to the elements. Even so, it is very cold in Romania in the winter, with temperatures below freezing.

Your sponsorship donations pay for foster. Foster means the dogs are fed twice a day and twice a day they are let out of the kennels to run around and to socialise. The dogs come to know the routine, which helps their transition into homes. There is a programme, with different groups of dogs being let out at different times, so they get to socialise with a variety of playmates. The shelter staff also work with the more timid or traumatised dogs and gradually rehabilitate them.

Nero is our oldest boy. He’s about 16 to 18 years old and loving life amongst the other dogs. He was captured by the none too gentle dog catchers and thrown into Ovidu Public Shelter. Luckily someone contacted Gabriela straight away and she was able to get him released. He’s probably too old to travel, the journey would be too stressful, so he will stay with us. If you would like to sponsor Nero please follow the link.

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Gina is one of our next oldest residents. She’s about 10 years old and was living at the beach. She’s a very timid girl so she’s not up for adoption just yet. She shares a kennel with Buster and gradually she is becoming less wary. We dread to think how she may have been treated in the past to be so nervous. Gina desperately needs a sponsor so if you can help her, please follow the link.

Shiloh is our biggest dog, at almost 40 Kg. He is a Cane Corso, a magnificent boy who loves nothing more than chasing toys around the yard. Give him a plastic bottle and he’s happy. When Gabriela rescued him from the side of the road he was totally emaciated. Just look at him now. He is still undergoing socialisation but in time he will make the most loyal, loving companion for someone.

Denzel and Margot also came from the beach, and are both highly nervous. It took a year of feeding them almost daily before they could be approached and rescued. They are heavily reliant on one another, so much so that when Denzel was kept at the vet for several weeks he was too scared to poo. Margot is his soul mate. Poor Denzel tore and twisted ligaments in his hind leg in mid 2019 and it has taken a long time to get his leg put right. He was treated initially in Bucharest, but sadly it didn’t work as anticipated, and so he underwent another operation in Constanta. Hopefully this time it has worked, but he’s still recovering, and still not using the leg properly. He’s happy to be back with Margot though.

Our cats live in the cattery. They have an outside area where they can climb, and laze in the summer sunshine, and an indoor area, accessed by a cat flap, where they can curl up in blankets or cat igloos, or where they can make use of the scratch tower. Your sponsorship donations ensure they are well fed and that they have access to clean litter trays.

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Beautiful Carmela has been with Gabriela for over 2 years now. She is incredibly timid. At one point she had a home offer but the vet advised that she shouldn’t travel because it would be too stressful for her, so she has remained at the shelter. She is gradually learning to relax, although she likes to spend the majority of her time high up, out of reach! Carmela would dearly love a sponsor please. If you can help, please follow the link.

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Millie is one of our youngest cats. She’s now about a year old and she arrived as a tiny kitten. Gabriela found her and her two brothers in a supermarket car park. Sadly one brother died, he was just too flea infested and full of worms, his little body couldn’t fight it. Millie’s other brother, Sherlock, is now living the life of luxury in the UK and goes by the name of Harry. Millie would dearly love to find a home of her own

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At time of writing we have 56 dogs and 34 cats at the shelter that we are trying to help Gabriela with. Each one is a personality we have come to know and love and we desperately want to keep them safe and healthy. We can only do that with your generosity. By sponsoring one of our lovely Strays you are helping us to keep them safe. By adopting one of them, not only are you giving them the home they deserve, but you are enabling us to rescue more Strays and offer them the chance of a future. Thank you.

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