Positive Growth in 2021

We love being transparent about where all our donations go. The Trustees report to the general public that the Charity has seen a positive increase in its capabilities and activities during the second year of operations. The Charity’s efficient processes facilitated by positive values and modern technologies have resulted in the recruitment of 20 volunteers which hugely helped the Charity to deliver its strategy to educate, neuter, rescue and rehome cats and dogs from Romania. Some of the achievements are:

• Raising in excess of £84,000 towards foster, veterinary, and transport fees,

• The maintenance of £10,000 in cash reserves for emergencies and potential costs of offering rescue back up to unsuccessful adoptions.

• Making cash provisions of £2,000 for accrued bills falling due after year end.

Along with rehoming 141 animals and completing 3 neutering campaigns, we started working with…

• Two new rescuers in Romania to fundraise for and rehome their dogs and cats.

• A sanctuary based in Romania which is able to carry out behavioural rehabilitation of 7 dogs rescued from the streets by the Charity.

Stray2me collaborated with Wild at Heart Foundation to create educational videos. The series highlights the importance of neutering along with other insightful information. We encourage everyone to watch them, stray2me.com/our-projects/


Helping disabled animals

The Trustees regard as a particularly important effort the rescue and rehoming of 3 severely disabled animals Dotti, Bertie and Hope. One of these dogs in particular, Dotti, through her resilience and ability to recover, trust humans and unrivalled affection for her adopter has become the mascot for the Charity’s mission and an inspiration for trustees and volunteers.

Dotti was found in a ditch by a local rescuer in Romania. She had been there since being hit by a car or beaten which caused her a spinal fracture. As a consequence, her back legs were paralysed and in need of being amputated. Given her strength and young age – Dotti was only 8 months old – the recommendation was for her to get a wheelchair. After recovery from all her surgeries and learning to run around on her new wheels, Dotti made the journey across Europe to arrive at her foster in Berkshire that not even a month in decided to adopt her.

Dotti went on to feature on one of the Charity’s most successful fundraising efforts and local news publications, which raised the Charity’s profile in a previously underrepresented county, and has her own social media pages. The Trustees thanks all the volunteers, donors, supporters, and followers for their efforts and look forward to continuing to operate the Charity in the years to come to benefit dogs like Dotti and humans in need of a companion.