We cannot keep our Strays safe without your help. Your sponsorship means we can feed them, keep them warm and cared for in a safe shelter, vaccinate them and get them veterinary treatment when they need it. Without your help, they would have no future. If you would like to sponsor a particular stray, please click here.

Set up a Standing Order for any amount you wish to be sent on a monthly basis to:
Account: Stray2Me Rescue 
Account Number: 80452841 
Sort Code: 82-11-07 
Bank: Virgin Money

Please use the name of the Stray you wish to sponsor as the reference for your payment and fill in the form here to tell us which dog you’d like to sponsor.

To donate via PayPal, username @stray2me . Please select friends and family to avoid charges.
Stray2Me Rescue Direct Debit
Thank you for choosing to help one of our gorgeous Strays.