At present most of our Strays are in shelters in Romania. We would dearly love to be able to bring a couple at a time to the UK and place them in foster because this will give them a better chance at being adopted. We are looking to build a reliable team of fosters who are willing to work with each dog to teach them how to live in a home. Ideally you will have several years experience of fostering for different rescues and will be willing for us to take up references. However, we are also happy to receive applications from you if you are an experienced dog owner.

What it means to foster a Stray:

  • Are you willing to toilet train? It won’t just be puppies that need help to learn. Many adult dogs coming directly from a shelter will also need to be taught.
  • Are you willing to train a dog to walk on a lead? 
  • Could you cope with a nervous dog? 
  • Could you cope with a boisterous dog, or a dog with separation anxiety?
  • Are you happy to socialise a dog, to take him/her to a variety of different places such as cafes, on a bus, into town, and place them in a variety of different situations, so that they learn how to cope? 
  • Are you willing to teach a dog how to cope within the home?
  • Are you prepared to invite prospective adopters to your home, or to travel with a dog, so adopters and a dog can meet? 
  • Are you patient, kind, creative, resourceful, resilient. Will you care for our dog as if it were your own? 

If you answered ‘Yes’ to most of the above, then please get in touch. We would love to chat to you. Click on the button below and fill in the form and a member of the team will be in touch with you ASAP.

What we offer you: 

  • You can be involved in choosing which dog from the shelter you would like to foster.
  • We offer ongoing advice and support should you need it.
  • We will cover vet bills, but would ask that you pay for food, worm and flea treatments.
  • We will cover any expenses incurred when travelling with a dog to meet prospective adopters.
  • We have 3rd party public liability insurance to cover you.

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