Thank you for applying to foster for us. We will create a chat with you and offer continuous support. We have a wealth of experience and expertise within the team and we are available virtually 24/7.

We ask that you are willing to foster for a minimum of one month before you ask for a dog to be moved. Of course, depending on the Stray, they may be with you for a shorter time, or longer. We particularly welcome applications from fosters who are willing to foster a variety of different dogs, from puppies to older dogs, confident dogs to nervous, shy dogs. Your role as foster is to prepare them for a successful adoption, so we ask that you work with them on toilet training, accepting the harness and lead and understanding household noises and routines. When the dog is ready to be walked outside of the home, a decision you and the team will have arrived at together, you must agree to use an escape proof harness as recommended, to keep any foster dog on a lead, and you must NEVER use a retractable lead. When taking the dog in the car, by law you must secure him/her, either in a crate, or with a seatbelt attachment.

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