We would proudly like to introduce our “Care Fur Paws” campaign, where we aim to help members of the general public with low financial means care for their pets or for the strays in the community.

We’re hoping that contributing to the food and care of these paws will reduce the chances of them being abandoned, or worse.

Furthermore, if members of the general public can help care for strays, a lot of the costs associated with foster fees can be cut back and reinvested into helping as many animals as possible.

Mrs. N and Angela

Our first case is Mrs. N, who has an adult female dog in her care.

She lives in an old crumbly home on the outskirts of Constanta, Romania. She currently cares for her young boy and her alcoholic brother. Although the government helps her with a bit of money, she only gets around £150 a month from social services and by doing chores in the interest of the community (pictured).

She may not have much to feed her family, but out of that, she finds something to feed her dog.

Due to lack of funds, her dog Angela hasn’t been spayed yet and she’s given birth to 12 puppies, out of which only 7 survived, and for which she found homes, leaving only Angela in her care.

We can’t sit and watch indifferently when so much kindness has been shown, so we’d like to help spay the mum and help care for her and her pups. 

It costs approximately £6 to feed Angela, as opposed to £35 foster fee in a private shelter. We would also love to spay the mom ASAP to help prevent her giving birth to another litter. 

Nouba, the stray cat

Nouba is one of the few street cats which live behind a block of flats in Constanta, Romania, and have been looked after by one of Geo’s friends.

She was first taken to the vet on the 9th of June, after Geo’s friend found her with an extremely inflamed throat. The vet suggested she might have been bitten, and proceeded to drain the whole area (which was infected), and administered the first course of antibiotics. She was spayed, and will have to continue her course of antibiotics to make sure the infection does not get worse.

Pie, the stray cat

Pie was found completely malnourished at the end of August 2020 in Bucharest. He was using what were most likely his last breaths to cry for help. Luckily, he was found by someone who cared for him and nursed him back to health. Can you believe this was a 5-month old cat?!

He had to go to the vet on a daily basis to receive his vitamins via IV , as he was so weak he couldn’t even stand.

Fortunately, a fundraiser was started for him which helped give him the much needed care so he can get back on his feet (https://www.facebook.com/donate/228668371804381/?fundraiser_source=external_url)

He needed lots of love and affection on top of nutrition, as he was quite feral and did not trust humans … and who can blame him?

Pie in September 2020

He has now been adopted in Bucharest and is living the best life ever. Thank you for helping us look after him!

Pie in his new home, October 2020.
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