Miau was found on the 18th of June 2020 after he was left to agonise on the road for 3 days – someone asked for help as he wasn’t moving, but only when our friend Geta ran to his rescue and picked him up, did the reason why he wasn’t moving become obvious.

Miau was full of maggots and had extensive damage to his back side of his body. He was either hit by a car or bitten by dogs, and the best people could do over 3 days was to give him food and water.

An x-ray and further investigations showed that his left hand side of the diaphragm has been ruptured, he had a giant thoracic haematoma, and his spleen and femur were shattered. His only chance was an operation, and the chances of him even waking up from the anaesthesia were 50-50%. The operation was very complex and he had to be intubated and ventilated using a balloon … He was operated on the 27th of June and he is now awake – please keep him in your thoughts, as the next 48 hours are critical.

Miau the Cat