November 2020:

Meet Panteruța, or “little panther” in Romanian.

She’s a gorgeous 7 month old girl which has not had the best start in life. She was ill as a kitten and was prescribed antibiotics, and due to an adverse reaction, her eye right eye got cloudy… One of the rescuers we help in Romania cared for her until a few days ago, when she got ill… When the vet ran some tests on her, she turned out positive for panleucopaenia, which is a contagious disease caused by the feline parvovirus. She’s got good chances of recovery as she’s older, so please keep your fingers crossed for her! At the moment, the total vet bill is a little over £170. Can you help us do that?

January 2021:

Panteruța is now called Luna, and we have found her a loving home within the UK –

Sadly, she has had to have her eye removed because it was causing her discomfort. That’s not stopping her from enjoying life at its best!

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