Wendy is a super intelligent, sensitive soul just looking for the right adopter. She is around 8 years old, but still has the energy and vibrancy of a puppy. She is approximately 25kg and on the larger size of medium. She walks nicely on a lead, although she can pull.

She is eminently trainable, being quick to learn new commands, and new ways of behaviour. She’s a very loyal, loving girl who thrives on gentle, rewards based attention. She responds well to TTouch.

She is currently being treated for heart worm, Stage 1, and she has survived distemper, which has left her with a slight tremor in her front legs when resting, but this has no impact on her ability to run and be active.

Wendy’s perfect home would be:

• Rural or semi rural or a quiet town. She’s ok with traffic, but uncertain in busier streets;
• Someone home all the time, or most of the time. She is learning to be left, but needs building up to it;
• A quiet home or a family of adults.
• She needs time to get to know regular visitors.
• Access to a decent sized, secure garden in which she can potter.
• No children under 15;
• No other pets;
• An experienced adopter who will continue with her training;
• Someone creative and compassionate, someone who is willing to commit to her.

In return Wendy will make the most loyal, funny, emotionally challenging, quirky and fulfilling companion.

We would like to rehome Wendy in the Sussex area only and help and support from our behaviourist will be available.



D.O.B. Approx 2013





WENDY – in foster in Sussex
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