D.O.B 2012








Pretty Wendy is a 9-year-old, medium-sized Crossbreed girl who’s in foster care in Sussex while she waits for her human soul mate to find her.

This adorable lady has had a tough life but is the most doting, loyal dog you could wish for. She could possibly live with sensible, older teenagers. She wants a quiet, preferably semi-rural retirement home and a good garden is a must. She loves to snuffle, potter and subdue her toys. She’ll happily lie on the sofa for hours, keeping you company and using her paw to ask for affection. 

Wendy also loves her walks, but slowly! She enjoys exploring the worldso she’ll want to take her time to sniff. She walks well on the lead but needs someone with a strong arm when she sees a cat, squirrel, sheep, cyclist…! All manageable, but she needs someone attentive and confident with dogs, especially in towns.

She’s very friendly and gentle when she feels safe. But she can bark and jump up at strangers and visitors, and seems to react to children, so will need patient training and understanding. More than anything, she needs help to feel safe. She’s seeing a behaviourist for support on this. 

She’s mostly good with other dogs, and goes to a dog sitter happily. She can get upset and bark at some and has once become jealous in a home when other dogs get attention. She therefore probably needs to be the only pet at home so she can fully relax. 

Wendy is extremely bright and eager to please. She is a very fast learner and responds well to reward-based training. She loves mental stimulation, from seeking out hidden treats in the garden to dog puzzles, which she solves in minutes.

Wendy has a bit of separation anxiety and would like someone to be at home with her most of the time. She has already built up to being left for about 4 hours in a row, but she’s very glad when her human comes home. 

She has a slight tremor in her muscles when she relaxes. It’s thought this is because she once had distemper but it doesn’t affect her ability to enjoy life in any way.

We were treating her for stage 1 heartworm when she arrived but the treatment has finished and she’s otherwise healthy. We are looking for a permanent home ideally fairly near her current location, for a gentle transition and continued support from the foster carer is possible. She’s a brave soul, beautiful inside and out!

WENDY (AB) – Adopted U.K. R.I.P. 29th May 2023