We are looking for a lovely retirement home for Lucky. He is a gorgeous boy of approximately 12 years old. He’s super friendly. He looks a little like a Corgi but maybe has longer legs and is more of a medium size. He was rescued 6 years ago when the rescuer heard screams and found Lucky was being used as bait in a dog fight! He is already trained to walk on a lead, although he won’t be expecting to be taken on hikes! His joints are slightly stiff, but he is responding well to glucosamine-based supplements. He is housetrained. He can be a little territorial with male dogs within the home, but in the garden he is playful. He is happily living with 2 Ridgebacks. He would probably prefer to be rehomed with a female dog since he lived in kennels with a female for years. He deserves a comfy retirement sofa to call his own.


Lucky is doing well. He gets along with the other dogs and they get along with him too. I can’t remember what life was like before him. It feels like he has always been part of our family. He loves rubs and started to let me give him belly rubs! He is just the best boy!!!

LUCKY (2) – Adopted UK. R.I.P. 28.12.23