March 2020:

Our first case is Mrs. N, who has an adult female dog in her care.

She lives in an old crumbly home on the outskirts of Constanta, Romania. She currently cares for her young boy and her alcoholic brother. Although the government helps her with a bit of money, she only gets around £150 a month from social services and by doing chores in the interest of the community (pictured).

She may not have much to feed her family, but out of that, she finds something to feed her dog.

Due to lack of funds, her dog Angela hasn’t been spayed yet and she’s given birth to 12 puppies, out of which only 7 survived, and for which she found homes, leaving only Angela in her care.

We can’t sit and watch indifferently when so much kindness has been shown, so we’d like to help spay the mum and help care for her and her pups. 

It costs approximately £6 to feed Angela, as opposed to £35 foster fee in a private shelter. We would also love to spay the mom ASAP to help prevent her giving birth to another litter. 

March 2021:

Angela is doing really well and has been spayed as part of our Spay the Streets 2 campaign. If you would like to support us and donate a little towards Angela’s food, click the button below ????

Angela and Mrs. N