D.O.B 2015




UPDATE ON 23/04/22:

Veve – full name Veverita Lepa Truus after the Romanian for squirrel and 2 other names added in honour of 2 girl resistance fighters in WW2 – is doing fabulously. She came to us 2 years ago now and was a docile sweet darling; she’s still sweet but she’s now showing her sassy side and is only now feeling brave enough to play. Before she was defensive but now the relaxed fun side is showing and she has a massive toy collection that she occasionally has to share (somewhat reluctantly I add) with her house cousins, my Mum’s 2 dogs. She has an older brother, Oscar, but she definitely rules the roost. She had one year on our farm in Hampshire and settled well but was inclined to take off if she spotted a door ajar. However, she’s now not going anywhere, loves her home and family and can be walked off lead. A year ago we all moved to Guernsey so she’s now a beach babe, and loving every minute of it. Wet feet are not her thing though – too many years spent pounding the pavements. In the garden you’ll also see the legacy of her stray days where she’ll navigate the garden by threading amongst the shrubs and bushes, safe, away from the big open plains of the lawn. I’m not sure that will ever leave her. Another habit is ducking behind people, not walking in front of legs that can potentially kick out at her, as I’m sure has happened to her many a time. She’s an absolute joy to us, and when she subtly slinks on to our bed, pretending we can’t see her, with her beautiful glossy fox coloured fur and sparkly amber eyes looking at us, we can’t help but say “come on then you monkey”. She’s a special kid, and we’re so lucky to have her.

VEVE – Adopted U.K