9th March 2021:

This little black, old boy is a street cat that one of our friends in Constanta asked for our help with. He was barely moving and eating. What you see on his face is puss from an infection. The vet told us he’s got pneumonia, and administered treatment. We’ve all got our fingers crossed for him ????

1st April 2021:

The boy is now in our care at the vet in Constanta – we couldn’t let him live the rest of his life searching for scraps behind a block of flats. He’s had his second round of antibiotics administered, and his pneumonia has almost cleared. The vet will test and vaccinate him, and if he’s well enough, we’ll be promoting him for adoption – so stay tuned!

5th April 2021:

He is now called Pickle – https://fb.watch/4HgUsv_YiG/

16th May 2021:

Pickle is looking for his forever home: Pickle, now Beef, was adopted 06.08.2021 https://stray2me.com/2021/05/16/pickle/

Pickle – now adopted ????