D.O.B MAY 2018




UPDATE ON THE 04/04/2022:

She’s amazing. Really come out of herself, doesn’t shy away from people who come into the house anymore like she did. She just loves love! Will be anyone’s friend who gives her some sweet words and a fuss, even if she does give a nervous bark first. For a rescue she has become pretty high maintenance when it comes to walks. She point blank refuses to walk in any mud or wet long grass and there is no way she would go for a walk in the rain even if her ‘older brother’ is there. But it’s all part of her funny little personality. She walks off the lead away from roads and stays to heel. She’s been a dream to train as all she requires is a fuss and praise. She adores older children and the bond between her and my girls is beautiful ????. She always looks to one of us for reassurance when in any new situation. Stevie is a character of her own, she won’t leave our side either on a walk or round the house and if she did for only a moment she’s running back with licks of joy wanting belly rubs and back scratches. ????????

We say on a daily basis how lucky we were being matched with her, she’s become such a special part of the family. ❤️