George Since the day he arrived, George has had the most lovely temperament and character. He is friendly and waggy just like the videos we saw before he arrived and loves being stroked. He took it all in his stride settling into his new home and has slept all night from day one with no housetraining issues. We have really enjoyed bonding with him and he loves nothing more than a bit of human fuss and attention, and after a week or so really started to show a bit more of his personality. We started some short walks in the local area and again he adapted quickly and learnt to meet dogs and people every day. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the family, he seems very smart and is always trying to guess what is being asked of him and has made working from home a million times better. We’re working on car journeys at the moment as he’s not so keen on getting in, which isn’t hard to understand, but luckily we’ve finally found his favourite treat – cheddar! And he seems to trust us enough to give it a go. Thanks so much to Stray2Me for their rigorous home check and support they have in place, which gave us the confidence we would be a good match for George and the right people for him.





D.O.B. Approx 2017




GEORGE – Adopted UK