Peanut is a joyful chap who loves nothing better than lazing around at home, calm and relaxed, and then getting excited to go on a walk. Currently living with one person, he is a delight within the home. He’s very friendly and gentle, he’s great when people visit the home and his best friend is the 9 year old child of a neighbour. He enjoys the stimulation of there being several people around, so we are looking for a multi person household with possibly one other, smaller dog. He likes most dogs, though not all. Sadly, Peanut is proving just a little difficult for his current owner when out on a walk. He is quite strong, at around 30kg, and he wants more exercise than he is currently getting. A new adopter will need to work on his recall, and be prepared to hire a secure field so that he can run off his energy. Having another, playful dog in the home will help with this. Most times he walks beautifully on the lead, but there are certain dogs, or noises, that he reacts to and then he can bark, or lunge. He would be more suited to a rural home so that he can access quieter walks more easily. Peanut is 4 years old and has been in the UK since December 2020 and it is with extreme reluctance that the current adopter has asked for him to be rehomed, in order to find someone who can offer the environment he needs.



D.O.B. Feb 2017

30 kg


UK .


Peanut – Adopted UK