Congratulations on your new rescue joining the family. As soon as we have registered their microchip to you, you should get an e-mail from Pet Database that looks like this:

Please open it. Then, please click on the “Complete Registration” button.

Since this would be the first time you have ever accessed this website, and the website has your e-mail address because we registered you with it as a keeper for your rescue, you will need to reset your password, as the website has not generated one for you at the minute. So, please click on the “forgot password” button.

Then, type in your e-mail and click the “reset password” button.

You should now have received an e-mail that states that your password has been reset, so please check your e-mail. The e-mail should look like this:

If you open it, you should see that it is asking you to reset your password. So click the “reset now” button.

This should take you to the Pet Database password Reset page, where you can select a new password for your account.

Once you have entered your new password, the website should reset to ask you to use your e-mail and password to login. Please use your e-mail and your newly created password and then click “login”.

Congratulations! You should now be in your account, that will look like the below:

You will see that the system asks that you complete your microchip registration. Click on the “complete” button, which takes you to a page that looks like this:

If you think any of the details in here are incorrect (please check against your rescue’s passport), please click the “edit profile” button and change them.

If you want to check that the home details we have for you are correct, you can check these under the “my account” details – to access that, you need to click the logo depicting a person at the top right corner, and then select “my account”.

If you need to change any of the details, you can do so from the options to your right: