D.O.B MARCH 2018




UPDATE ON THE 05/04/22:

Well, first off we are absolutely OBSESSED with her of course! We were amazed how friendly and loving she was as soon as she got here. She went under the bed for about five minutes before she got brave enough to wander out and start rubbing her head all over her new territory. She was sitting with us after a couple of days and on our laps within two weeks and she’s stayed like that ever since.

Every morning she shouts at us to go into the living room and sit on the sofa so she can jump in our laps and have her morning fuss. Then once we have to start working she’ll sit in Sophia’s lap at her desk, or sleep in her cat tree next to Sophia. She’ll cuddle up on me if Sophia’s at work! Of course she screams for her lunchtime treats and her dinner as the afternoon goes on. She is never louder than when we’ve got the food out ready to feed her! At the end of each night she’ll have a playful run around, especially if she’s not felt the need to earlier in the day, but as soon as we turn the light out she settles down lying on top of one of us in a big cat pile before she migrates to our feet for the rest of the night until her feeder goes off.

She’s found things difficult when we’ve had to go away in the day because she’s so used to having us here, but she’s definitely got better with it over time as she’s adjusted but that does mean she’s extra needy the next day.

She’s the most incredibly affectionate cat, it’s absolutely amazing and we’re sure she loves us as much as we love her. We wanted a cat for so so long and we are in awe of how absolutely perfect, and perfect for us she is. Everyone who comes here falls in love with her.

I couldn’t imagine our lives without Puffa and she’s just the most adorable and wonderful cat. She loves her scritches, she loves her food and she is so affectionate it’s simply unreal

PUFFA – Adopted U.K
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