D.O.B 2016




UPDATE ON 23/04/22:

She is part of the family! Every morning we’re greeted by a tail wagging so vigorously her entire hindquarters nearly throw her off balance. She’s very active, and communicative – letting us know when we’re running late for her walks (usually twice daily – more if we’re feeling energetic). She has also taken it upon herself to keep a vigilant watch over our home (positioning herself by the front window, so she can see when people or animals are approaching—and lets us know when they are!) She gets on well with the kids and our 4 cats (one in particular that she plays with). We do still see the odd sign of her past (mis)treatment – for example she sometimes panics when something triggers an old memory (eg even something as innocuous as being called for food). This causes her to tremble, and wet herself. We usually need to just sit with her and provide comfort until she calms. She is never aggressive in such cases (she is always gentle), and continues to show signs that she is happy we are there (wagging tail etc), but clearly has some distressing memories. This isn’t a common occurrence, and is one we hope will diminish in time. She gets on well with most other dogs we meet out and about. She is nervous around very large dogs, and tends to avoid them, but otherwise loves to play with those she meets. She really doesn’t travel well, so the vast majority of her experience is local. Thankfully we live rurally though, so this isn’t a particular concern, as there are plenty of places for her to explore.

COLA – Adopted U.K