D.O.B. 2019.





My boyfriend and I were looking to adopt our first cat together, and didn’t really have any expectations or requirements other than wanting a pet that fit with our personalities. Duchess was the first cat Stray2Me showed us, and my soft spot for black cats and strays really came out. She hasn’t had the easiest life, and we both really felt like we could give her a lot of love and attention (if she wanted it). There were so many question marks around Duchess before she arrived because of her background, so we really didn’t know what we were getting, all we really knew was that she was shy. She spent her first few days here hiding and trying to climb into every dark place she could find. And a few weeks in she does remain a little jumpy, but she’s also become a friendly, chatty girl who loves to follow us both around the house, and even occasionally get fussed over. While she still climbs into various small spaces, she’s also adventured all over the house, and has emerged from her original hiding spot to get comfy almost everywhere. Duchess (or Duchy as she’s come to be known) has really been the perfect example of what can happen if you give a cat some love and some patience, and while it’s still early on her new life in our home, she’ll no doubt continue to grow and be a firm fixture in our family.

DUCHESS – Adopted UK