D.O.B. June 2020.




When we decided to get a second cat to give to our little one more company, we would have never imagined the amount of happiness that Marie brought to our house. When we saw her pictures we felt in love with her beautiful eyes and when she arrived and we saw how cute she was, we felt already the luckiest people in the world. She would not eat and not even climb anywhere because of her tiny legs. Little by little, she started copying all the movements of Edward (the other cat) and now they are the happiest couple in the world. They play during the whole day and Marie sleeps inside of the bed with us everyday. Marie loves to investigate and now she jumps to the highest places of the house. She is very sweet and gives lot of love to all of us. Thanks to Stray2me, we now have the most amazing cats. There are no words to describe how grateful we are that they found the best match for us both times. We cannot imagine our lives with our two black cats, each of them with their unique and wonderful personalities.



MARIE – Adopted UK
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