Smokey has been part of our family now for nearly 4 weeks, the improvements have not only been evident but also significant.

He has gone from a bundle of fur unwilling to move from his precious spot, to a big ball of energy whizzing around the room unable to get ENOUGH attention.

The progress has come on in leaps and bounds, he is more willing to engage, wants to be around people constantly and loves the belly rubs in particular!

Everyone in the family has bonded with Smokey, he is starting to show a plethora of different emotions. From excitement of people coming back home to the joy of chasing birds and other various moving objects whilst on our walks.

All our neighbours have become acquainted with Smokey, and him them, including their pets!

With a particular interest of the puppy that lives next door.

Our time with Smokey has been pleasurable, I can’t imagine for one moment why anybody could mistreat such a lovely being.

I cannot thank Stray2Me enough for their presence and knowledge during the whole process of us adopting a Romanian rescue.

SMOKEY – Adopted UK