Mabel has been with us for almost four weeks now, she is settling in very nicely and her improvement has been great! Mabel is still only 5 months so she is very unsure of everything, she still barks at other dogs, people and just loud sounds that she can’t see. However, she has definitely improved so much! She loves running around the garden and is still in training for trying to get into the chicken pen. She loves her bed and sleeps in it all day, lazy dog! Everyone in our household loves Mabel and her waggy tail. They have bonded with her so that she is getting so much more confident with each day. We hope to introduce her to some doggy friends soon so that she can socialize some more! She is the cutest thing and I can’t thank the Stray2Me team enough for helping us along the journey, finding us the perfect dog and for all the knowledge they provided! (of course, all dogs are perfect)

MABEL – Adopted UK