Rosa wandered into a complex of flats in late February, emaciated and in poor condition. Luckily one of the residents took pity on her and reached out for our help and now she is a much better weight and in good condition. Rosa is around 7 years old, pretty much toilet trained, she is gradually getting used to the idea of daily walks, although she doesn’t seek them out, and she sits quietly in the car. She mostly likes to find a cushion and curl up. At present she is living happily in the flat with 2 resident dogs and a 9 year old child, so we feel she could live with older children and pets, or as an only dog. Rosa is a very calm, gentle dog who isn’t asking for much from life. We are looking for a quiet, calm household for her where she can take her time to feel safe.



D.O.B. Approx 2014

15 kg



Spayed TBA

ROSA – Adopted UK