Dotty is one super friendly girl. She was discovered living by the side of the road in a village, unable to move very far due to being paralysed in her back legs. Our vet believes it was an old injury, and the sores on her legs where she’s had to drag herself around, attest to that. There was talk in the village of having her euthanised, so we stepped in to help. It turns out she has a fracture of the L4 vertebrae and the only solution is a double amputation. She had the first amputation last week and is recovering well. She’s an amazing girl, not because she’s disabled, but because she still has trust in humans, despite having been so badly let down in the past. She’s only about 8 months old and 7kg, so she will need lots of help and support to recover. Until she’s ready for adoption, we are asking for sponsors to help us cover the cost of her surgery, unknown at this point, and also her specialist foster, which is 600 Ron per month, plus another 500 Ron for food and diapers, though she’s not actually incontinent, which is great news. So we need approximately £190 a month just to cover foster. Please, if we can even get a few monthly sponsors it will help. Dotty truly deserves a little kindness, she’s such a loving girl. Thank you. 💙



October 2020

7 kg




DOTTY – sponsor only
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