D.O.B. June 2017

10.5 kg at present

Small / medium



Spud is a 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier /possible Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. He is neutered and lived with his previous family from the age of 8 weeks, until a new job and immobility meant they could no longer meet his needs. He is a very friendly, affectionate lad who loves to be close to you. He has lived with a younger teenager and been happy around visiting toddlers.
Presently in foster in Hampshire with two large dogs, Spud needs to live with other friendly, playful dogs because he loves to play. He needs to live with people that are around most of the time. He can be left, and is not destructive, but will cry loudly. He doesn’t cry at night though, he sleeps soundly downstairs, despite the fact that he always slept on his owner’s bed previously. 
He has never lived with cats and since he is showing signs of a prey drive by wanting to chase squirrels and fixes, we do not recommend rehoming him with cats.
Spud is very affectionate and loves to snuggle on you or next to you so it is vital that adopters are happy with dogs on the furniture. He plays with soft toys and rope toys but is not so fussed about balls. He needs a large garden and regular long walks, maybe even with someone that runs. He would love canicross, and he is fast, so maybe even agility.
He travels well in the car, in a crate or behind a dog guard. He does pull on the lead and his recall off lead is hit and miss, so this will need further work.

SPUD – Adopted UK