How was the adoption process for you?

The adoption process was incredibly smooth, we were kept informed the entire way through and had a lot of opportunity to ask any questions. Prior to Mr Tibbs travelling his Foster mum would send us updates/information and pictures of him which was really nice. Whilst he was travelling we received regular updates about where he was and when to expect him. The charity are always there to help and we still message them from time to time with updates or queries. 

How was the moment you first met your rescue?

The first moment I met Tibbs, it was overwhelming, suddenly realising I am responsible for him and thinking about how he must be feeling but it really was love at first sight. Within 5 minutes of getting him home he had a full tummy and was ready to play. I knew we had made the right choice. 

The settling in process was incredibly easy, we tried to keep him in one room to not overwhelm him but he wasn’t phased by anything and quickly wanted to explore. Tibbs quickly fell into a routine with eating and bed times and pretty quickly it was like we were never without him. 

Any memorable firsts?

There are so many memorable moments; the first time he discovered his reflection, the first time he fell asleep next to us, the first ‘present’ he brought us, the first time we watched him leave the garden and we have loved them all. 

Tibbs is a real character; he loves doing rolly pollies, he likes to attack feet, he always eats the bubbles from my bath, he likes to tuck himself into the sheets of the bed and he snores persistently. 

What are you up to these days?

Tibbs has just had his first birthday and we are waiting for him to make his first friend (fingers crossed!)

All in all, the experience of adopting Tibbs has changed our lives for the better, he is so loved by everyone that meets him and he’s just a great cat!

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Mr. Tibbs
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