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Spotty unfortunately left this world too soon in May 2022, on the same day this article was originally written. His mom, brother and doggy sister miss him everyday. Rest in peace, beautiful boy.

How did you decide that adoption was the right way to go for you?

My journey with Stray2me began in August 2021.

We had our cat put down in June, usually I wouldn’t be looking to get another cat so soon, but our rescue dog from Greece was so sad and desperately missing Tiddles. Every time she saw a cat on our walks she would get so happy, we just knew we had to find another rescue cat to join our family.

As our dog was from Greece, I looked at the charity we got her from, they only 3 cats, 2 blind ones, and a young kitten. I didn’t think it was fair to get a blind cat, with a dog. We put our name down for the kitten, but found out she was going to be taken in by the rescuer.

I looked closer to home, Battersea and Cats Protection. They said they didn’t have any cats or kittens that could live with a dog. I said I could show endless photos and videos to support how gentle our dog is around cats.

I did a search online and came across Stray2me. Had a really good feeling from the start. I saw quite a few cats and kittens on the site, One caught my eye, because it was young, and I thought maybe its easier for them to transition to living with a dog, than an older cat. To be honest, I didn’t have my heart set on any particular cat, or what they looked like. Just as long as they could live with a dog. So I filled out my application.

How did you find the adoption process?

I got a message on WhatsApp, to say I was added to the team group chat to discuss my application. My heart skipped a beat. I found out Poppy was reserved, her brother Spotty was looking for his forever home, but found to be scared of dogs, so may not be suitable. But could grow in confidence as he was young.

I was asked if I would be interested in looking at another cat. Of course I jumped and said yes. It was the beautiful Jasper. He had spent time in the company of dogs and was happy. I got a lovely video with him. So Jasper it was !

Next stage was the home check. Felt really real, and also a bit daunting, thinking what if they don’t like me, or don’t think the house is suitable. Of course these checks need to be done, they are not looking to catch you out, just want to make sure the animal is going to be placed in a loving and safe environment.

Was over the moon when we were told that the home checks went well, and we could adopt Jasper. Now it was the waiting. I had some pictures sent of Jasper in between.

Jasper was booked to travel on the 29th September was so excited.

I also saw a picture of Spotty on facebook, I remember being with my sister, saying he’s looking for a home, I wonder if we will be allowed to have him too. I was asked how I would cope with two unneutered cats at the same time. I said I would make it work and bought various plug in diffusers, two of everything.

Both boys were due to travel on the same day, but pre travel tests showed Spotty had tested positive for FCov. I was sent lots of information regarding this and had to make a decision if we wanted to go ahead with Spotty’s adoption.

I thought about it overnight, it was emotional, but in my heart of hearts I already fallen in love with Spotty and knew that he was meant to be here with us. We were told we would need to keep them separate for a while. It then turned out that the vet in Romania suggested Spotty stay and re test in 2 weeks. We had a provisional bus booking of the 13th October.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is when these lovely animals board the happy bus. It honestly feels like Christmas, the best present you can ever hope for.

Everything is super organised , setting up team chats, photo’s, location whereabouts. Estimated time of arrival. I knew I wouldn’t be able to work, so took the day off. When Jasper finally arrived, my heart just melted, I had a tear in my eye. Finally that magical day was here.

How was the settling in process?

Jasper fitted in straight away, the most confident cat I’ve ever come across. He and Nelly our dog bonded within seconds. I thought he may need his own space, but no I was wrong.

Spotty arrived two weeks later, his brother was also on the same bus. Although I knew what to expect this time, its still didn’t take away from that feeling of the night before Christmas. Again, Spotty, Jasper and Nelly bonded instantly. I thought after the long travel he may want his own time.

I really felt like my family was complete.

Stray2me, are honestly amazing, at making this all happen. I cant thank them enough. It feels like a real family community.

How are the boys getting along now?

These two are such a delight, and mischievous. As soon as I put up the Christmas tree, both kitties climbed up it, so that came down straight away. We had to make do with fairy lights.
We have zoomies in the middle of the night with them running up and down the stairs. Jasper bit off the straw off my water bottle. I looked at Nelly and said naughty, and she looked at Jasper. But then I started seeing Jasper chewing at my fliptops, and biting the tassles from my handbag.

Both boys, have their own beds, but have taken a liking to Nellys bed. Even if she’s fast asleep they wake her up so they can get in, and stretch out. Poor Nelly sleeps on the floor. I’ll have to get another large dog bed.

If it wasn’t for Stray2me, I would not have these beautiful kitties. So I’d like to say once again , thank you from the bottom of my heart x

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Jasper & Spotty
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