India was adopted but sadly it didn’t work out, we then placed her with a foster for a short time before she was again adopted, this is what her adopted family have said about her.

So, we’d been looking for another dog as a companion for our Charlie who is 12 for a while but we were nervous as it had to be right at Charlie’s age , he is such a good boy and very tolerant and loving , as India was local and looked gorgeous and a perfect fit we enquired about her. After introductions we knew she was the one as her and Charlie got on within about 15 minutes of meeting , now we knew India potentially had some baggage and she was nervous at first bless her, who wouldn’t be after all she’s been through?

The whole process was smooth from start to finish but very thorough, as you’d expect. We went for a Romanian rescue as the UK dogs were few and far between, despite reports of how many there are and she just seemed to fit! Since we have had her, she and Charlie have got on so well! Not saying we have not had to still be patient and take it slowly with her, as we did, nothing is easy in this life but the rewards are amazing!

Now 3 months in she is such a beautiful dog, with work and effort she has settled in wonderfully, and a joy to have, would not hesitate to recommend a Romanian rescue, the work and effort is definitely worth it! ❤️