How did you decide that adoption was the right way to go for you?

In January 2023 I lost my beautiful Rottix Luther to liver disease. I was absolutely heartbroken, the pain was unbearable – as anyone who has ever lost a pet will tell you.

My daughter suggested I get another dog straight away and although this didn’t feel right as I was still grieving and felt guilty at the thought of it, I decided to start looking for a Rescue dog that needed to be loved. Luther was a rescue from the UK. so I thought he would be OK with this.

It was over whelming the amount of dogs, the Internet is flooded with strays from every country needing UK homes.

I didn’t know where to start and who to trust – were these charities real? Were the dogs real? Was it a scam to get your money? It was a mine field which caused me sleepless nights, worry and anxiety. 

But then, while on FB, a dog came up called Lord. I knew immediately he was the pup for me – it was love, he was gorgeous and I wanted him.

I then saw he was in Romania with a charity called Stray2Me. 

I hesitantly filled in an adoption form – but I am so glad I did! From the moment the charity made contact with, me all my worries disappeared and the adoption process began.

How did you find the adoption process?

Once I’d had my home visit, it was agreed I could adopt that beautiful boy.

I received videos and more pictures, I received a video of him at the vet having his blood tests done – it was amazing. 

The process was easy, the information given was so helpful and informative and somebody from the charity was always available to answer any questions. And that remains the same now even after a year. They are always there for you and their animals, they are with you every step of the way.

How was the settling in process?

Lord arrived at 2am on the 17th March 2023, delivered straight into my arms

I was able to track his whole journey via a chat on messenger set up by Stray2me and the transport team so I knew exactly his arrival time. 

My heart melted as soon as I saw him he was gorgeous and I just wanted to hug him, he was understandably terrified.

I put him down once we were safe in the garden and he did the biggest wee ever.

Each day over the last year I have watched Lord grow in confidence it is truly amazing to see his true self shinning, he has learnt to trust, he comes to me if something is worrying him rather then trying to run, he is happy.

He has a beautiful soul and is so gentle and he shows love in his way – I am so proud of him. It may have taken a lot of time, love and patience but it is so rewarding to watch him living the life he deserves.

I am now working with him off lead, on his recall. We are 90% there, but he sometimes forgets if he finds a dog willing to chase him (he loves this) but I forgive him for that as he was once a street dog with no one that loved him to call him back.

What advice do you have for someone looking to adopt?

Allow the correct amount of time for your dog to decompress and settle,

Don’t expect anything or show dissapointment and the rewards are amazing.

Thank you Stray2me and Lordycakes x

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