D.O.B. June 2018.

30 Kg.




Torvi, was Dolly, has been adopted alongside her sister Khalissi, was Mabel, by a wonderful family. From frightened pups to girls giving it large in under a week, the future is theirs. They are going to love life from now on.

Dolly is a sister of Rupert and Mabel. She started life in a disused toilet block just off a busy roundabout in April 2018. She was rescued in July 2018 and has lived in a shelter since. She’s a very happy, bouncy pup, always pleased to see Gabriela or one of the other shelter staff. She is slightly hesitant around new people, but not as nervous as Rupert. However, she would benefit from living with another resident dog. She adores playing with her sister. With a little time and patience invested in Dolly to teach her about living in a home she will make a loving, friendly dog. She is spayed and vaccinated. 

TORVI (was Dolly) – adopted UK with sister KHALISSI (was Mabel)
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