D.O.B. June 2020




Not neutered.

When Milo (Emmet) and Gizmo (Jacob) arrived with us, we had very low expectations. We expected them to be scared, to hide, and to be very frightened of us. As soon as we opened their little carrier door, they were climbing all over us wanting fuss and cuddles. I have never seen such confident kittens, even with our dog Otis, they have been great. They most definitely run the house, forcing Otis to give up his comfy bed so they can steal it, and telling him off when he gets too excited with them. They have made a difficult year feel very adventurous, and we are so happy they have completed our little home.

Little Emmet is about 4 months old and has been living at the vet ever since he was found and taken to safety. He is the strongest of the litter and ‘the boss’ but he loves other cats, and humans. He’s now looking for somewhere to spread his wings because he has been living in a crate at the vet’s office. He will need to be neutered when he is old enough and this will be written into the adoption contract. Can you offer Emmet the lovely home he deserves?

EMMETT & JACOB – Adopted UK.