Meet WALDO, a lovely boy of around 4 years old, mixed breed about 15 kg in weight. Reasons why you should consider a black dog when adopting, they are one of the coolest dogs out there, they are always in style, ready for any formal event, being in a black suit all the time and can be easily accessorized with almost anything!

Waldo’s past has not been kind to him, the abuse and public shelter life that he went through have marked him deeply. As a result he is still reserved when it comes to others, being dogs or humans. He is very gentle but still a little scared of attention especially if it is from someone that he is not familiar with, but from his eyes, it is clear that he would love to get out of his shell and overcome his traumas so that he can enjoy the sunny days and the company of people and the other dogs that he is with. He has made a lot of progress, and he is on a path to a full recovery. Waldo’s long pointed ears make him look super cool and he hopes that one day he will have the possibility to give his trust to people and not be let down , and that someone will notice him and offer him a family to take care of him and love him, a family which he will forever protect !



D.O.B. Approx 2016





WALDO – Adopted UK