I think it was perhaps the most nerve-wracking 48 hours of our life before Bones arrived in the darkness and rain last Friday evening, as a little, timid, whiffy (!) boy. Whilst we were expecting a nervous pup, we had no idea just how quickly he’d regain his confidence and settle in to the family with each hour that passed. Bones is now a confident, incredibly happy, beautiful and affectionate puppy, who even the cats have accepted! For a dog with such a poor background, it’s remarkable to see how friendly he is with everyone he meets, and a strong desire (need!) to play with every new dog he encounters! His life now consists of walks around the village and to the coffee shop to see his friends, receiving strokes from everyone in the pub (and occasional biscuit!), and being doted on at home and by everyone in our village. Our life has changed innumerably for the better with Bones’ arrival, and we couldn’t be any happier with him as part of the family. He seems to feel the same, as he is constantly rewarding us by bringing whatever package is in the top of the kitchen bin to us as a little present! We can’t thank the team enough for their part in this – as the further we were through the process, the more aware we were of the vast effort required. All we do know, is that they’ve made us, and a little scavenging-boy very happy. Thanks a million times over! x

BONES – Adopted UK