Roberto was brought to our vet by a client who saw him get run over. Sadly the client could not afford to pay for his treatment, so we were asked to help. Roberto would appear to have been on the streets a while because he’s underweight, at just 18kg. He has lost an eye due to the accident, and his left leg has been pinned. The good news is he’s using his leg well and doesn’t appear to be in pain. He’s very friendly with all the staff at the clinic. We are waiting to hear what he’s like with other dogs, and with cats. Roberto will need the pin removing in a few months time, but this should be a relatively easy procedure for any vet. It would be a shame for such a friendly lad to have to spend more time in the country that has treated him so badly when he could find the perfect home in the UK.



D.O.B. Approx 2019

18 kg




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