Patrick was living on the streets of Constanta with a pack of dogs when we were asked by Sorana to help. Constanta is a seaside town and as tourist season approached, the locals became more insistent that the dogs should be moved, or they would poison them. We managed to save and rehome the 9 puppies from the pack, and we saved 8 of the adult dogs. A 9th was spayed and released, because she was feral.

Patrick and 5 of his siblings have been moved to a safe shelter near Brasov with our friend Emilia. Her team are doing great work getting these dogs used to being handled, but Patrick is proving to be hard work and Emilia advises he needs to be with them long term. He’s very territorial and has guarding issues, so cannot be rehomed, certainly not in the foreseeable future. Sadly, we can’t get every dog a home, but he’s safe from harm and happy enough in his own environment. He is fed regularly, dewormed and given flea treatment, and the bacteria in his gut is being treated. It’s not a comfy sofa, but he’s cared for.

We pay £35 a month for Patrick to be kept safe. If you can help by committing to a regular sum, that would be fantastic. Any amount is appreciated and if we can get enough people to cover the £35, then that’s one boy we don’t need to worry about so much.

Please help Patrick to stay safe, and have the best life we can provide for him. Thank you. 💙



January 2020

25 kg




PATRICK – sponsor only
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