D.O.B JAN 2021








From Oakley’s Parent:

Oakley is an amazing boy. He is easy going and loves lots of affection, especially a tickle on the top of his tail. He very inquisitive but cautious at the same time. He loves playing with a ball but not quite grasped the fetch side of the game. Loves to dig and chew on his favourite bone toy. He loves the rough and tumble play as well as cuddles and chilling on the sofa with his hoomans. He’s very clever and picks things up very quickly but is in need of some refresher training for walking etc as he pulls on the lead. I’m not confident with his recall but I feel with time spent on this he will be get there. When out walking he may sometimes jump up at a runner or someone on a bike, I think he thinks it’s a game but again with training I’m sure he will stop this. He loves other dogs but changes from overly friendly to a bit cautious and can sometimes jump and lunge (in a friendly way) to try and get closer to another dog and attempt to play. I walk him twice a day, morning and early evening. His walks are 55 minutes each as I’ve gone by the 5 minutes per month of their age. His favourite thing to do while out on a walk is sniff everything and he seems to have a very good sense of smell that I think could be worked on. He always lets you know when someone’s at the door with a good bark and likes to give them a good sniff and once over before cuddles commence. He’s very friendly and loves to sit on your lap for a cuddle. Oakley has been around children (not a lot) the youngest age was 6 years old (running around a field) I have no experience of him with anyone younger. I wouldn’t have any concerns from what I’ve seen of him but just from a boisterous puppy side and his size, I wouldn’t think a household with young children would suit him. I think he may possibly benefit from living with another dog as he really seems to like the company of other dogs, I don’t know how this would be living with another dog. He would need a family who are around a fair amount but he is happy to be left for 4 hours as long as he’s had his morning walk. He just wants to be around you as much as he can and will happily pick jumping in the car with you for a ride than having the house to himself. He is cat friendly. Although his current cat mate isn’t to friendly with him so he never been in overly close contact but he’s never shown signs of aggression, only a little jealously if she’s having cuddles by nudging his way onto my lap or getting under my arm. She will sometimes sneak into the kitchen at dinner time and he has never showed any signs of food resourcing. He does try to get her to play with him sometimes but she not so politely tells him she’s not interested.

OAKLEY – Adopted U.K