D.O.B. Approximately June 2021

7 kg at present

Small / medium


Not neutered

Sid was part of a litter of 7 puppies found at the docks in Constanta by Sorana. Only he and brother Sonny survived. Both were suffering from parvovirus, and were being attacked by rats. Thankfully, they are now safe and fully recovered. Sid is slightly bigger than Sonny, and a little more confident and fluffy. He also has brown patches. Both have recently been sharing a kennel with Merlin, a big, older dog. They were happy to share food and space. He can live with a friendly, resident dog who is sterilised. We cannot test him with children so we are saying dog savvy children of 10 years plus. We anticipate he will be medium size when fully grown, but we cannot be certain of this.

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